If you’re starting a new journey, passion project, or small business. I offer this affordable investment price by using a WordPress Theme. Instead of recreating the wheel and customizing a full website. I can help you choose a premade theme and we’ll restyle it to fit your style + target audience.


I created this package from my own personal experience that kept me in a vicious cycle of feeling “stuck”. I know too often we get our heads. That’s when imposter syndrome and indecisiveness creep in and you lose motivation. Let me remind you that the most creative and passionate people deal with imposter syndrome.

Full transparency – I spent off and on around 8 years trying to start my business as a “professional” website and graphic designer. I never felt good enough. I hyper-focused on comparison and education. (Read More) Now I embrace this beautiful 🧠 brain of mine and how creative I am. You can teach a skill but you can’t teach passion and that’s where I THRIVE 🔥


~ Petra Clarke

They say starting a business is hard but I say it’s COMPLEX! If you are passionate about the service or product you offer, then that will keep you fueled during the “hard times”. When starting a business we need to eliminate the complexity we can create unintentionally. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I can’t figure out a name for my business”
    • I offer consultation and we can brainstorm together – Click Here
  • “Should my website be .com or .net?”
    • If you’re unsure the best choice is .com due to ranking higher in google and mostly common used.
  • “Do I need both a domain and hosting?” “What’s the difference between them?”
    • Yes, you’ll need both to create a website.
    • Domain Name = www. yourwebsitename .com also referred as URL.
    • Web Hosting = your website and all content are visible to everyone and I offer hosting packages.
  • “Do I really need a website or is social media enough?”
    • Honestly, when starting out and to help with cost. It is smart to use free social media platforms until you are ready and committed to owning a website. If you are a product based service you will definitely need a website. If you’ve done the social media prescense already and you’re ready to take the next baby step. That’s when I would suggest launching a small website to start.
  • “Do I need a logo to launch my website?”
    • Nope! You can start with a very basic wordmark logo that you can create in Canva and use temporarily. Eventually you’ll want to invest in hiring a graphic designer to create a custom logo. If you’re looking for graphic designer. I actually know someone 🙋. Let’s talk when you are ready!
  • “Do I need a full branding package?”
    • You don’t! A full branding package would be for an established business, that is ready for the next step to elevate their business. You absolutely should invest in a full branding package in the future but it’s not needed when starting out. This exactly why I offer this package at this rate. I enjoy establishing a partnership that will continue in every new stage of your business.


Over the years I’ve seen amazing people transform trauma and create unique businesses for a purpose. This package would be perfect for – Digital art advocates, Clothing Brands with a positive mission, Trauma Speakers & Authors, Jewelry Makers, Podcasters, and Nonprofits. If you have a unique business I would love to hear about it. – Contact Me